Board of Directors

Current Board of Directors

Santee Sioux Nation

Omaha Nation

Diane LaPointe (Chairperson)  Wynema Morris (Vice Chairperson)
Cheryl Kitto ( Linda Robinson
Danielle LaPointe Mary Lou Mitchell


The Board of Directors shall consist of six members, three members from the Omaha Tribe and three members of the Santee Sioux Nation in accordance to the Articles of Incorporation.


The Board is an agency of the Santee Sioux Nation and the Omaha Tribe and derives its authority from their constitutions. Every act of the Board shall conform to the constitution and statutes of each respective Nation/Tribe and the Federal government and the regulations issued pursuant thereto. The Board is delegated by the individual Nation/Tribes that each member represents with the responsibility for providing community college instruction for residents within the Corporation who are qualified for admission, according to the standards prescribed by the Corporation establishment and operation of the college campus within the Corporation; and the custody of and responsibility for the property of the Corporation and the management and control of said Corporation.