Student Activities

Student Organizations and Activities

The Nebraska Indian Community College promotes student growth and development through participation in academic and non-academic extracurricular activities. All enrolled students are encouraged to participate. Below is a list of some of the current student activities offered at pg电子app下载:

Nebraska Indian Community College Student Senate

The pg电子app下载 Student Senate is a student organization that consists of student members from each campus. It is the duty of the Student Senate to recommend policy and procedures that govern student rules, standards and responsibilities as set forth in the pg电子app下载 College Catalog. It is also the duty of the Student Senate to model such rules and regulations to their peers so quality education will be the final result.

In addition to the above, the Student Senate will encourage and promote social and other extracurricular activities related to Native and non-Native students alike. The Student Senate is actively involved in the administration, policies, and procedures of pg电子app下载. For more information regarding the pg电子app下载 Student Senate, contact the student support services department at your campus.

pg电子app下载 Intramural and Community Events

All enrolled pg电子app下载 students are eligible to participate in intramural athletic events. Intramural athletic events are planned and scheduled on a seasonal basis. In addition to athletic events, students are also encouraged to participate in or attend social and cultural activities sponsored by various pg电子app下载 organizations and departments. For more information or a schedule of intramural or community events contact your local Student Services advisor.

American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC)

pg电子app下载 is a member of the American Indian Higher Education Consortium. Students may attend the annual spring AIHEC conference and participate in non-academic and academic competitions with other Tribal College students if they meet the AIHEC required CGPA and enrollment requirements. Students wishing to participate in AIHEC activities must complete the HLTH 1046 AIHEC class. For more information contact your student support services representative.